Going Mobile – what’s all the fuss?

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in News

Going Mobile – what’s all the fuss?
With mobile web users predicted to overtake desktop web users in 2014, it is imperative for your business to have a mobile friendly website to remain competitive. The key to a good mobile website is to keep it simple and easy to navigate.  Users expect a web browsing experience comparable to the desktop version.  If a mobile site is too cumbersome or slow the user is likely to search another site within 5 seconds or less. When users visit your mobile website they are usually interested in performing some sort of action such as click to call, find your location, or make a reservation and more than half the people searching on a smartphone will make a purchase.  Don’t miss the opportunity for a conversion.
Do not underestimate  the importance of  a mobile website  for driving engagement with, and ultimately revenue from, new and existing customers.
Keeping your mobile website’s visitors engaged can be tricky. While your desktop site can afford to feature tons of images, videos and other information, smartphones screens are limited in terms of space & loading speed.So here are a few tips to keep people coming back to your mobile site week after week;

Keep It Simple
Simplicity is king in terms of designing a mobile site. Don’t overcomplicate things by overloading on videos, full-resolution photos & surplus content. bMobilized users can take advantage of our handing “hide” function, to prioritize what content really matters!

Example: Dailyfinance.com takes the extremely complex world of finance & simplifies it down to 4 core menu items.
Simple. Focused.

Design For The Screen
There is no “required” size for fonts and buttons, but there are a few loose guidelines. The default font size should be at least 14px – even if it seems too big – and headlines should be at least 18px.

Consider The Context
Think about it, what’s the reason for visiting your mobile site? It’s probably not to spend hours reading company bios, more likely it’s to get some quick info or get in touch. Make sure your click-to-call, click-to-map and other call-to-action buttons are clearly visible!

Example: Agency Care’s has a clear focus – get more clients. Their site is essentially a portfolio with contact buttons always at the bottom of the screen.

Brand It
Mobile sites give your business an incredible opportunity to build a brand. Make it professional, include your company logo, color scheme and style to make it instantly recognizable.

Example: Dolce & Gabbana’s branding is always front & center without overshadowing the rest of the page – picture speak volumes & can reinforce your brand identity effortlessly – just make sure they’re optimized for mobile!